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Injury & Accident Law

People can be injured in a variety of ways. It can be from a slip and fall, from a defective product, or because of an automobile or industrial accident.

Whether you are able to recover money for your injury depends upon the circumstances of that injury. Who was at fault? How serious are your injuries? Did you have lost wages? For more information contact the Injury

and Accident lawyers at Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S by

Family Law

Divorce (legally called dissolution in Minnesota) is the process of ending a marriage. But there is more to family law than just divorce. Family Law also covers annulment, adoption, child support, custody, paternity and in some instances issues of domestic abuse.

A new law in Minnesota concerning child support now takes into account both parents’ income. To find out how this new law might affect you, or to learn more about any family law matter, contact the Family Law lawyers 
at Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S by


Bankruptcy laws recently changed. The new laws make the process a little more difficult, but virtually everyone who qualified for protection under the old law still qualifies today.

If you are being harassed or pursued by bill collectors, you too have rights. You have the right to be sheltered from abusive and aggressive bill collectors. You have the right to have all activities by bill collectors cease by filing a bankruptcy proceeding.

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you invoke court assistance in order to develop a repayment plan or file bankruptcy on your debts. To find out how you can get protection from creditors, contact the Bankruptcy lawyers at
Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S by

Criminal Law

It is imperative that you not only know and understand your constitutional rights, but that you exercise those rights.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or charged with any crime, contact the Criminal Law lawyers at Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S  by

Wills, Probate and Estate Planning

Almost anyone can make a Will. However, the Will must meet requirements of Minnesota law to be valid. For example, you must be at least eighteen and you must be of sound mind, which means you must understand the terms of your Will and the legal effect of signing it. To be valid, the signing of the Will must be witnessed by two neutral people.

Wills and estates can be tricky things. More than just dividing up your assets and designating someone to care for your dependents, there may also be potentially important tax ramifications that can cost your heirs a substantial portion of your inheritance.

To talk to an attorney about creating a will, a trust, estate planning or any related matter, contact the Estate Planning lawyers at
Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S by

What to do if Stopped, Ticketed, or Arrested

If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, make every attempt to remain calm. Be prepared to produce some form of identification, generally a Minnesota driver's license, as the officer will want confirmation of who you are.

Listen carefully as the officer describes why he stopped you. If he doesn't indicate why he is stopping you, ask him. Make every effort to cooperate with the officer. Give brief and concise answers to any questions he may ask you, but do not volunteer any information regarding yourself or your activities.

Make a mental note of such things as the number of officers at the stop, where the officers came from, what signals the officers gave you to stop. This includes red lights or siren and the procedure the officers followed upon exiting the squad car.

Remember, many such stops are just routine and of limited duration. If the officer decides to ticket you, listen carefully as he or she describes why you are being ticketed. Do not argue with or try to explain your conduct to the officer.

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